7 Day Challenge!


Reduce bloating, lose weight, feed your gut microbiome, and improve your overall health.


Try this 7-day challenge to replace one meal a day with whole food, nutritious salads to get you started on gut repair.


You’re ready for this challenge if you...


  • want to start eating healthier but don’t know where to start
  • are feeling stressed out and fatigued
  • are suffering from allergies and food sensitivities
  • are constantly battling blood sugar issues or are pre-diabetic
  • have recently been diagnosed with an illness or condition and need to address your diet and lifestyle
  • feel overwhelmed at just the thought of trying to live a healthier lifestyle - it all seems complicated, expensive, and time-consuming!
  • your digestive system is giving you grief (and is particularly bad when you’re under a lot of stress)
  • have just recovered from a chronic illness and want to prevent this illness from returning in your body


Be adventurous, mix it up, and have fun!

Salad for the Soul


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