Our Story

Two sisters, creating connections from opposite corners of the world.

After a challenging childhood in northern England, sisters Debbie and Becky set off on two separate journeys across two different continents. Until, in early 2019, their paths were drawn back together - and the pair reconnected to form Soul Decisions Coaching. A joint venture based on connection, passion, respect, adventure, and creativity.


Born from a shared love of Bowen Therapy, Soul Decisions Coaching has since grown to include life coaching, meditation, and personal health. Creating the unique opportunity to bring holistic mind-body connection therapies together and giving clients in Austin and Whakatane the best of both Debbie and Becky’s worlds.


Debbie has a passion for building healthy, thriving relationships and guiding individuals to find their own source of personal power.  Becky’s grounded mindfulness and love for health and wellness of the mind, body, and soul, verifies Soul Decisions Coaching as a meeting place of skill-sets and spirits. Fulfilling its purpose of helping others live beautiful lives to the very fullest, every single day.


Debbie's story

Women's Health, Wellness and Relationship Coach

Debbie and her family first moved from the UK to Whakatane, New Zealand, in 2006. Debbie spent years working as a qualified Occupational Therapist in the UK and New Zealand before chronic shoulder pain first introduced her to Bowen Therapy back in 2013. After an hour on the table, Debbie felt the profound effects of the treatment, and just knew she had to study Bowen Therapy for herself.


Six years later, Debbie reached out to Becky with the kernel of an idea, and Soul Decisions Coaching was born. Today, Debbie shares her unique perspective on Bowen Therapy, life coaching, and meditation with clients across the Bay of Plenty and beyond.


Along with creating deep connections with her clients, Debbie is married to her soulmate Dave. She enjoys meditating, writing, and learning new things. She enters adventure races (wishing she’d trained harder for them!) and loves watching her two children grow into incredible humans.

“I love my clients. I love helping them discover who they are, what they’re capable of, what limiting beliefs are holding them back, and how they can create the life they desire. It’s an amazing privilege to help someone identify what they can’t see for themselves and to hold a safe space to support a person to express their deepest emotions. Creating a life filled with love and joy, peace and stillness, excitement and happiness, courage and bravery and so so much more.”

 - from my heart and soul to yours, Debbie


Qualified Occupational Therapist
Qualified person-centered counselor

Expressive Arts Therapy trained

Bowtech Bowen Therapist

Foundations of Coaching Skills

Advanced Coaching Skills

Meta Dynamics Coaching Skills


Becky's story

Health Coach | Bowen Therapy

After years spent working as a quality engineer, the corporate world was taking its toll on Becky’s mind, body, and soul. When she moved with her husband from the UK to Texas, Becky soon realized something needed to change. She set about looking for a path that would nourish her inside and out - until, in 2013, Debbie introduced Becky to Bowen Therapy. She quickly fell in love with it, waved goodbye to the corporate world, and hasn’t missed it a single day since.


From a very young age, Becky always knew she was meant to help people. With Soul Decisions Coaching, she’s come full circle - fulfilling her purpose of supporting others in making mindful choices, loving their bodies, and taking responsibility for their lives.


When she’s not busy helping people change for good, Becky loves to go hiking, connect with family and friends, soak in Austin’s live music scene, and occasionally even pick up the mic herself.

“For me, that lightbulb moment is so sweet --- when the person I am working with starts to appreciate, they have all the answers they need. As they get clear on what they want and overcome the fears holding them back, my heart swells. I feel tremendous happiness when a client leaves feeling rejuvenated and empowered.”

 - from my heart and soul to yours, Becky


Dr. Sears Master Certified Health Coach 

Bowen Therapy, American Bowen Academy

Balance for Mind-Body Bowen, American Bowen Academy

Bowenwork for Women's Wellness, American Bowen Academy

Bowenwork for People Living with Cancer, American Bowen Academy

Canine Therapeutic Massage, Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage.

Our Values

At Soul Decisions, these are the values we live by - and the values we love sharing with our clients.


  • We deliver excellence and results

  • We provide a fun and safe environment for discovery

  • We live in abundance

  • We explore the body and mind as a whole

  • We offer soul-searching solutions

  • We help you live your purpose

  • We live and breathe creativity and adventure

  • We build positive relationships

  • We stay motivated, inspired, and passionate.

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