How Meditation Can Help You

Ascension meditation

Ascension meditation is for anyone seeking inner peace, happiness, and freedom from stress.

Most of us only know ourselves as a bundle of thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and judgments. These are the source of all of our stress, limitations, problems, and suffering.

Beyond the constant chatter of the surface of the mind, is an endless wellspring of Peace, Joy, Creativity, and Freedom. Ascension is a tool to help you access these wonderful states as a direct, living experience. This Teaching offers a very rare opportunity to experience what it means to be truly alive.

Real Results: 97% of the global Ascension community who regularly use the techniques report more peace, love, and joy in their lives. 

You can be free from...
Stress. Separation. Self-Violence. Anger. Anxiety. Frustration. Discontentment. Sadness. Shyness. Self-Doubt. 

You can gain more...
Contentment. Confidence. Clarity. Rest. Purpose. Empowerment. Intuition. Creativity. Love. Wonder. Joy. Connection. Freedom. Presence. Awareness. Oneness.

Other benefits include:
•    Can be used eyes open and closed
•    Mechanical and involves no belief
•    Available to people of all lifestyles and cultures
•    Guidance from experienced teachers
•    Lifetime support and community
•    You can repeat the Ascension 'First Sphere' Course as often as desired, anywhere in the world, for FREE!


For more information you can watch the movie A Mindful Choice, available here Choice The Film

If you are interested in attending a First Sphere Course - please visit The Bright Path to view the schedule for a course near you. You can also complete the contact form below if you are interested in a course in New Zealand and/or Austin, TX.


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